Crushing Cravings!

We know we will feel guilty before we even eat!

As always, strategy is key!

Attack the craving with a similar but healthy replacement.

Why does the craving occur?

Triggers can be a simple hormone response or a stress and emotion reaction. Consider your thought patterns before, during, and after cravings.

When does the craving occur?

Triggers can be a time of day like getting home from work, watching a show before bed, or a certain weekend opportunity.

Who am I with?

Triggers can happen with certain people. Being around that person makes you immediately think about that food.

Where am I?

Triggers include the places you go such as a certain restaurants, coffee shops, or even your office (that just happens to have food within or around it that you frequently indulge in). 

So here is my advice:

1) Track your cravings (where are you, who are you with, what are you thinking, what time of day is it).

2) Tackle one thing at a time. Attempting to overcome all obstacles will lead to failure. Start with a single goal (a certain craving, a particular time of day…).

3.) Tackle one day at a time. 

4.) Consider responding to the craving with an alternative…

Craving Alternatives

A few ideas to help you get started. Reach out for more! 


Berries, fruit, protein shake, greek yogurt, medjool dates, Halo Top ice cream


Dark chocolate, Cucumber with swiss cheese, Apple with nut butter, Hard boiled egg


Edamame, Miso soup, Popcorn, hummus, Popcorn chips, Nuts

Sweet and Salty

Cottage cheese with fruit, Fruit and cheese, Hummus and red peppers, Macadamia nuts and dates, Brown rice cake with almond butter/honey/banana slices, Custom trail mix


Kale chips, Veggie crisps, Pumpkin seeds, Frozen grapes, Celery with crunchy peanut bitter, Cauliflower tots, Brown rice cakes with peanut butter, Roasted low salt nuts.


Cottage cheese with sea salt, Greek yogurt, Non-dairy low fat ice cream