Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight quickly. When time is added to the equation, we make drastic changes in an attempt to see results as soon as possible. Likely, we start on the right track and end up taking a wrong turn and crashing back into our old habits.

Let’s consider what we can do to take the weight off and keep it off!

Tips for Sustainable
Weight Loss

Breakfast is not the enemy!

Skipping breakfast will leave you hungry and looking for a quick fix during a busy day. Instead, begin the day satisfied. Eat a healthy meal, setting yourself on track for a day of healthy nutrition decisions

Breakfast does not need to be the traditional choices that we all grew up eating (cereal, oatmeal, etc.). Consider switching to protein to get that extra energy you need for the day!

Restrictive Diets Lead to Rebellion

Setting rules that restrain you from eating food you enjoy or eating at a particular time may work briefly. Soon it will end up feeling as though you are depriving yourself of food you want or restraining food after the sun goes down. Ultimately – rebellion.

By thinking about what we are “allowed” or “supposed” to eat, we often ignore other important factors such as,

What do my family and I like?

What can I consistently afford?

What am I ready and willing to eat?

Instagram is not a Nutritionist

Looking at social media simply shows the images that the poster wants you to see – the food they want you to think they ate or the body they want you to think they have from following a particular diet. But is it sustainable and applicable for you?

Consider your own schedule, your own nutrition goal, your own preferences, your own budget, etc…

Social media does not show real life. Consider YOU when you are making nutrition decisions so they are sustainable.

These are just a couple of thoughts regarding our sustainable weight loss and nutrition decisions. Stay tuned1