Dairy, Is it Good for You or Bad?

We often think about each food as “good for you or bad for you.” This is not a healthy place to park our belief system.

When something is good for us, we feel we “have to eat it” even if we don’t like it. If something is “bad for us” we feel guilty when we eat it, and probably eventually breakdown and eat it anyway.

As a nutrition coach, I feel strongly that it is NOT helpful to tell people what they should or should not eat. We already know when we are eating something that we are not supposed to eat.Instead, it is more important for us to explore the “what, when, where, why, with who” components of our diet (yeah, I know, I’m a broken record).

So, I invite us all to take a step back from the idea of “should I or shouldn’t I eat that?” and move toward the “how do I feel when I eat that?” and “what is my goal regarding my weight/health/fitness?”

I have attached to this post an article regarding dairy products for us to explore together