We are often eating on-the-go and fall into convenience eating habits, addressing convenience eating helps us attain our ultimate health goal.

This probably looks frustrating and unrealistic, especially for athletes (which you all are!). After a hard workout you are probably hungry! If you are not satisfied by a meal consider adding more protein or vegetables. If there is frustrating space on your plate that you are looking at and thinking “where is the rest of this meal?” adding more to the meal will actually help you avoid snacking later (most likely in an hour you will still be hungry and then also thinking how sad your meal was). It will not help to eat less at the meal and then wander your house later looking for a snack.

I am very aware that measuring with your palm will be frustrating (especially if you have small hands!). Consider some other ideas. For example, look at the size of your plate? Are you using a larger plate and filling it… and then again when you go for seconds? Instead of saying that you can’t go for seconds, use a smaller plate and fill it twice if you want to. Or maybe keep the larger plate, but fill it with a good size helping of veggies along with the other parts of the meal (see image below). The point is that while there are “palm size” tips to remember, the worst thing that you can do when you get started is make yourself feel deprived. Your actions will be unsustainable and you will be right back where you started in a few weeks. Make changes to your portion size that are manageable and sustainable.

Tips to help you on your way

* Create a menu for the week so you don’t wander the house thinking about what to make

*Meal prep for lunch for the week at work (make more over the weekend and have it for the week)

*Track meals for the week so you can identify what challenges you face (where, when, why)

*Avoid being so strict that you feel frustrated and that it won’t work in the long run.

*Have an accountability partner in your home… not someone to tell you what you are doing wrong, but rather someone who is in this with you so that you are achieving your goals together!