Accountability Partners in CrossFit

Let’s take a moment to recognize that one of the reasons that we CrossFit instead of wandering around another gym considering what we should do (or sitting on one of the machines on our cell phone) is because we are with the same people each day that know our goals and support our work toward achieving them. If we do not show up for a few days, we will end up with a text asking us if we are ok and why we have not been there in a few days.

Accountability can help us in the nutrition challenge as well! Each week we have a specific challenge (e.g., sleep, water, healthy snacks), which we aim to accomplish. We are tracking our meals and identifying our success a well as our areas in need of improvement.

Turning the theoretical (what we aim to accomplish one day), into a physical (writing it down  today) makes our goals and actions REAL.

Accountability Partner – The person you don’t want to tell that you are breaking away from your goal.Do you have a friend that you are doing this challenge with that you don’t want to tell about the ice cream you ate last night or the drink you had?Is there a person at home who is aiming toward similar goals or that knows what you are trying to accomplish and can support you? Notes and Reminders – If you cannot just remove the snack item from your house (because someone else is eating it) put a post-it on the item, it does not even need to have a word on it. Use a sticker if you have one, or a marker and just write an X. It does not need to mean anything other than when you see it, you know you’re not supporsed to eat it. This works with alcohol in your home as well.. something silly that says “once a week” or use a whiteboard in your home or something on your calendar where you can run a tally of when you are taking a drink so that you feel accountable when you have to write it down.  Calendars – Put your gym days in your calendar at the beginning of each week so they are more “set in stone” than the hopes of getting out of bed and going.Again, CrossFit offers us the opportunity to work TOGETHER toward accomplishing our goals. And when we need it, our friends will be happy to get in our faces and support us.