Nutrition, Marketing, and Belief Systems

Turns out we have opinions…who would have thought? Shocking, I know!

One thing that simply drives me mad, is marketing and how it impacts our thoughts about health. If you watch a movie, commercial, TV show, YouTube video, or on any other form of media that exists (there are A LOT!), you are bound to see someone with the body that you wish you had. We can apply this same idea to print as well (e.g., magazines, billboards). What they don’t tell you is the amount of money that the people were paid or how they personally feel about the experience.

Let me begin by saying that there is no way that this happened in 30 days, but a person can be drawn that way, sure.

Now let’s move from marketing to our own beliefs about nutrition. When one person finds the diet that works for them, they may also think that it would work for someone else. We see friends and family members that have strong beliefs about nutrition. For example, they may not eat grain or they may be vegetarian. When we see or hear success stories about nutrition, we may take it as fact.

“If it worked for that person, it would work for me too, I should do that!”

I invite you to take a step back from looking at success stories, whether they be media driven or via friends and family, and instead look directly at yourself. What is an attainable goal that you can accomplish each week? That attainable goal may happen one at a time, but each success is just that… a success! What is your goal this week?